What is soda blasting?

Sodium bicarbonate blasing (soda blasting) is a non-hazardous, food grade material that is an effective blast media for most industrial and commercial cleaning and coating removal applications.

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) can be dissolved with water and washed down the drain once blasting is compete. If the material or coating removed contains contaminates, they can be removed with specifically designed equipment or methods.

Soda Blasting is abrasive enough to remove coatings or process residue with out the surface damage typically associated with other abrasive blasting media such as sand. Soda blasting makes cracks in metal and fiberglass more visible and because it is water soluble, it easily disolves making it the perfect blast medium for greasy engine blocks and components.

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Soda Blasting is ideal
for mold cleanup and
is completely safe and
environmentally friendly.

We can quickly and
safely remove graffiti
from nearly any area
without harming
the surface


That’s Right - we can
even remove paint
from nearly any surface
with easy cleanup.

Cleanup after a fire can
be difficult. A-1 Soda
Blasting makes it quick
and easy.